Important Questions Answered About Jim Tsokanos

Company expansion and financial growth is a necessity for any business owner and Jim Tsokanos has many years of expertise in helping his clients reach these goals. With his experience of running a successful entrepreneurship, creation of innovating ideas and acting as an advisory authority Tsokanos has made his mark on the industry. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about Jim Tsokanos and how his consulting firm Nu Nexus helps companies grow and prosper.

What type of business experience has been a motivator for Jim Tsokanos to reach his present accomplishments?

By working with various companies throughout the years, Jim Tsokanos has gained invaluable experience that he has carried with him during his lifetime. During the early part of his career, Tsokanos was offered the position of president for the Americas For Publicis Groupe. While working for the third largest worldwide marketing firm, Tsokanos was recognized as being in the top one percent of company employees. As president of Coordinated Health, which encompasses hospital networks that operate under surgical specialties, Tsokanos raised the standards of the company by improving the quality of service, patient satisfaction, access time, location convenience and value for services rendered. Within two years, Jim Tsokanos was victorious in rebranding the company, refinancing millions of dollars in debt, forming four brand new facilities from beginning to end and initiating multiple innovating ideas that proved beneficial to employees and patients.

What is Nu Nexus and how can business owners benefit from the assistance of this company?

This company, which is based in New York, was founded in 2013 by Jim Tsokanos. This consultancy group focuses on helping its clients in three major areas that have an impact on the success of their business. Nu Nexus Partners concentrates on expanding capital through various mediums including resources, relationships, data and research. Nu Nexus Technology recognizes and exposes current technological trends that can assist clients. With the emergence of blockchain technology, important and personal database information is safeguarded against tampering. Nu Nexus Capital increases small and medium sized business assets through multiple sources including private equity, venture and commercial banking. Additional growth streams, such as technology, marketing and talent are also utilized.