We Want to Honor the Woman Who Has Been a Great Source of Support to Us

When my father ditched our family, our mother was unable to take care of it all by yourself, so my grandmother took all of us into her home. She was instrumental in helping us to survive and get back on our feet. She’s been amazing ever since then, too. She recently died, and my brother and I were looking at Jewish gravestones in NJ so that we could get her a really nice one to install at the head of her grave. She had a massive heart attack and is gone now, and it stunned all of us to lose her. She was an amazingly strong woman, and we all wish that we could have had her with us for many more years.

After dad left, neither my mom or my grandmother told us why he left right away. They both felt that it would be best not to bad-mouth him because it would confuse us since we were so young. I remember that I was pretty upset when he left, and I couldn’t understand why. My brother was much younger when it happened, and although he did ask for our dad a few times, he was so young that he forgot about our father for awhile. When Mom felt that we were old enough to understand, she explained why other parent left.

Neither my brother or I have ever been interested in looking for our father. After what we heard from Mom as to why he left, we really didn’t want to have anything to do with a man that would leave a housewife with two small children by sneaking out in the middle of the night and never coming back again. She and our grandmother made a good life for us. We always had a happy home. My grandmother has been the matriarch of our family for many years, and she has instilled good values in my brother and me.